Sine Saloum Delta

The gorgeous Sine Saloum Delta is a sprawling network of estuaries, weaving between lush mangrove forests and remote islands. There are 200 islands within the delta, most of them uninhabited.

The largest island within the delta is called Mar Lodj, accessible only by pirogue, a small wooden boat. There’s no mains electricity or cars on the island. This island houses 3 villages, all inhabited by the Serer tribe, one of the largest ethnic groups in Senegal.

The Sine Saloum Delta is one of those mystical pockets of serene paradise that are so hard to find these days. It’s peaceful. It’s remote. It almost feels like another world.

Quick Facts

Location: The entrance to the Sine Saloum Delta is 1.5 hours south from the sprawling fishing town of Mbour. From there it’s a 30 minute pirogue ride through the mangroves to Mar Lodj island. The delta lies just north of The Gambia.

Best Time to Visit: The dry season runs from September to February. These dry and cooler months are the best time to visit the delta.

Top Tip: There’s no mains electricity in the delta although you’ll find that hotels do have electricity from solar panels. Be mindful that the electricity is limited so make sure all your devices are charged before you visit and be sure to bring a power bank in case it’s necessary. I didn’t have any issues with electricity but if there’s high hotel occupancy, it can be in shorter supply.

My Sine Saloum Delta Experience

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